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Aussie Gamedev Spotlight: KartSim - Developer Interview

Aussie Gamedev Spotlight: KartSim - Developer Interview



why a game looking at kart racing, when so many other forms of motor sport are more popular with players and have a bigger profile?

Zach: If you look at games like the Gran Turismo and Forza series and indeed the majority of racing titles on the market, they all give the player the opportunity to unlock and drive cars that they might not have the chance to in real life. That's always going to be a major attraction for gamers and car enthusiasts alike, for sure.

What attracted you to karting specifically?

Zach: I've watched F1 since 1996 and you always hear of karting being referred to as the sport which taught all the drivers their race craft. Once I finished school, I started racing myself and experienced the excitement of karting first hand in the super tough Clubman Light category. I had always wanted to make a racing game and made initial designs back in 01', so it was only natural that I combined the two...

What is the single most challenging aspect when looking at making a kart racing game compared to other forms of motor sport?

Zach: Simulating the vehicle dynamics of a kart is by far and away the most challenging aspect of developing a kart racing game. Despite their simple appearance (and from a mechanical point of view, they most definitely are); a kart's non-rigid chassis means the mathematical assumptions you can make about a standard vehicle's chassis (i.e a Formula 1 monocoque) can't be used...

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